Start, Stop, Keep


For one of my nutrition courses we are learning about helping people (and yourself) lose weight in a healthy way. I really love that the approach is realistic. Yesterday I read about Start, Stop & Keep. This is where you identify a habit you want to start, one you want to stop and one you want to keep. I figure after a few weeks you can build on it with new habits to start, … [Read more...]

Meet Banana Hammock and friends


In an effort to relieve my severe depression, Ben came home with an aquarium the other day. I told him it wasn't going to work, and we agreed that the aquarium is mostly for him. But, I am going to play along as much as my sad, cat & dog-less self can. We went to the pet store and got three new friends. Meet Banana Hammock, Ghost Face Killa and Chinchilla. Can you tell … [Read more...]