Meet Banana Hammock and friends

In an effort to relieve my severe depression, Ben came home with an aquarium the other day. I told him it wasn’t going to work, and we agreed that the aquarium is mostly for him. But, I am going to play along as much as my sad, cat & dog-less self can. We went to the pet store and got three new friends. IMG_1198

Meet Banana Hammock, Ghost Face Killa and Chinchilla. Can you tell that we put a lot of time into these names and didn’t just go with the first three ridiculous ideas we could think of?IMG_1203

Banana Hammock is the one boy and Chinchilla and Ghost Face Killa are girls. B.H. is so named because we also picked up a banana holder today. I call them banana hammocks :)IMG_1212

I decided to have a real live plated lunch today. A sammie, chips and cole slaw. IMG_1192

I really had no choice but to make cole slaw since I have 20 pounds of cabbage! And I apologize to myself for putting a pic on the internet where I look like I have severe acne. Get some Mac Studio Fix Monica, seriously!IMG_1187I used lf mayo, vinegar, sugar, salt and mustard – mixed to taste, with apples, carrots and raisins.IMG_1191

Snacks included too many grapes that I should not keep on the counter and TJ’s PB filled pretzels.IMG_1195

I made that corn casserole Caitlin made recently for dinner. I actually make the OG version of this all the time in the Fall/Winter, but never thought to add broccoli or tofu. I added chickpeas instead of tofu for my protein of choice. IMG_1206

I ended up adding a little cheese on top since it needed salt and was a little dry. This is probably because I got the no salt added corn & the chickpeas sucked up the liquid.IMG_1210

Now I am trying to talk myself out of hitting up the ice cream again. Good luck with that Monica, good luck…

Ben’s Random Comment of the Day:

*I actually can’t put it because it is wildly inappropriate and may cause a fight between us. After a very funny conversation between the bathroom door I told him I was going to put what he said on the blog, he told me:

Ben: “You have broken the part of your brain that tells you what’s appropriate.”


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