Salad Tacos

I wanted a lot of veggies for lunch, but didn’t just want my usual salad. So, today I made Salad Tacos for lunch! And they were yum!IMG_1275

Last night I did pack my  usual bean filled salad, but instead of some toast or crackers to go with it I packed two whole wheat tortillas. (The tortillas are from TJ’s and are super doughy and deelish.) I piled my salad into the tortillas and made two massive tacos! IMG_1270IMG_1272Stuff inside tortillas and “Wa-la!” IMG_1274

My afternoon snack came early, but I went with it and ate my trail mix. I love this stuff, but when I have it around the house I grab handfuls of it constantly! IMG_1283

I also ate 1/2 a Kashi bar since I was falling asleep right now. Just trying to keep the blood sugar up?!

I am soooo tired right now, for some reason I have been having a hard time actually falling asleep (very unusual!) even though I am trying to get in bed early!


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