Simple but delicious dinner

Wow, my title is so profound and clever. I should be a writer.

But, my dinner was super simple and delicious! Ben and I wanted something quick since we were hungry. So, I threw together a quick cole slaw (the same one I made this weekend) and I heated up some falafel balls I found at Costco this weekend to stuff in a pita. IMG 1254 300x225 Simple but delicious dinnerIMG 1257 300x225 Simple but delicious dinner

For some reason I could not get a good picture of this meal. Sorry for the mediocre pics today. Tomorrow’s pictures will be beautiful!

My afternoon snack was missing something so I went next door to the market and picked up this…IMG 1247 225x300 Simple but delicious dinner

I’ve tried this stuff before and it “disappears” so fast it’s not something I buy often. It’s great because you can dip anything in it! If you don’t have pretzels, fingers work too!IMG 1248 300x225 Simple but delicious dinnerIMG 1250 300x225 Simple but delicious dinner

Now I have to relax with Ben, it’s been too long…

Dessert is waiting for me on the counter: VitaTop and hot chocolate! I am totally craving something sweet icon smile Simple but delicious dinnerIMG 1260 300x225 Simple but delicious dinnerReader – I’ve heard that some of you still aren’t getting me in your Reader. You can select the “Subscribe in a reader” button on the top of the page.

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  1. says

    AHHHH monica i thought i was the only one who dipped pretzel sticks in choc pb. :D i started doing that the night before my marathons…. kind of a superstition.
    well a couple weeks ago before i ran the AF marathon i dipped some honey wheat pretzels into some Better N Peanut Butter Chocolat pb and it was gooooood! Only prob is i can only find the choc pb at the whole foods in Cincinnati!!!! LOL

  2. MizFit says

    man. I can not have the VITA TOPS around.

    unless I get em one at a time :)

    I used to order them by the case back in the DAY when you couldnt get em anywhere else but online and that case would be gone…lets just say QUICKLY :)

  3. says

    What a great, chocolatey dessert. I’m not a huge fan of Dark Chocolate dreams, though. To me, it’s neither dark chocolate nore peanut butter; it’s kind of its own beast

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