Are you out there?


Hello, are you out there? I lost some readers in the blog makeover so, don't forget to update your Readers and pass the word on :) I woke up and did some light strength training with my hand weights in the front room while watching Jon & Kate and the Duggars. I love reality TV. I was going to hit up the elliptical, but I was actually into the show and didn't want to go … [Read more...]

Condiment Kingdom


Ben and I met up with our friends, Matt and Kristin, for dinner tonight. We went to Chick-fil-A since Matt's work was holding a fundraiser there. Before that... I got home super hungry after work. I tried to appease my hunger with carrots, chips and ketchup, but that didn't work. After eating this I grabbed a bunch of random bites of things from the kitchen like a chunk of … [Read more...]