Condiment Kingdom

Ben and I met up with our friends, Matt and Kristin, for dinner tonight. We went to Chick-fil-A since Matt’s work was holding a fundraiser there.

Before that… I got home super hungry after work. I tried to appease my hunger with carrots, chips and ketchup, but that didn’t work. After eating this I grabbed a bunch of random bites of things from the kitchen like a chunk of bagel with choc PB and a piece of cheese with crackers. IMG 13281 300x225 Condiment Kingdom

I wasn’t that hungry when we got to Chick-fil-A which is fine since I wasn’t too interested in the “Chick” part of their menu. I got fries, a small fruit cup and diet Coke icon smile Condiment Kingdom This made me happy.IMG 1332 300x225 Condiment Kingdom

I was very impressed with their condiment selection! They have a huge bar with so many choices! And they had real flowers on every table! Real flowers at a “fast food” place! Very cool Chick-fil-A!IMG 1330 300x225 Condiment Kingdom

I actually took home a few samples since we are low on mayo and I’ve never tried Texas Pete icon smile Condiment Kingdom Don’t judge me, I am poor.IMG 1339 300x225 Condiment Kingdom

After dinner we continued to chat for a while and Matt bought everyone ice cream! It’s against my world views to turn down ice cream so I happily grabbed it from his hand like a greedy 5-year old accepted. Thanks Matt!IMG 1334 300x225 Condiment Kingdom

Before I left work I tried this new find: Chocolate Yogurt! I was pretty excited since I love all things chocolate.IMG 1313 300x225 Condiment Kingdom

Here is what it looks like when you open it. It is vanilla yogurt with chocolate on the bottom.IMG 1315 300x225 Condiment Kingdom

And here is what it looks like stirred up. It was okay. If I want chocolate I’d rather have a piece of dark chocolate bar or chocolate cake. But it was a new experience that I enjoyed, just wouldn’t get it again. IMG 1317 300x225 Condiment Kingdom

Here are the ingredients and nutritionals. I do love that they are all natural, recognizable ingredients. IMG 1322 300x225 Condiment KingdomIMG 1324 300x225 Condiment Kingdom

I also had a piece of this. It was a hungry day!IMG 1325 300x225 Condiment Kingdom

Now I am blogging, talking to Matt on the phone, chewing gum and talking to Ben. By the way, one of our fish is a Ho-Betty and had over 10 little fishies the same night we brought them home. Wow. Two of them didn’t make it. Here is one tiny little dead fish icon sad Condiment KingdomIMG 1341 300x225 Condiment Kingdom

My little brother Matt suggested I rename the blog “The new adventures of Banana Hammock and her babies”. He is adorable and I miss him icon smile Condiment Kingdom

See you for a glorious Friday!!!


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