Condiment Kingdom

Ben and I met up with our friends, Matt and Kristin, for dinner tonight. We went to Chick-fil-A since Matt’s work was holding a fundraiser there.

Before that… I got home super hungry after work. I tried to appease my hunger with carrots, chips and ketchup, but that didn’t work. After eating this I grabbed a bunch of random bites of things from the kitchen like a chunk of bagel with choc PB and a piece of cheese with crackers. IMG_1328

I wasn’t that hungry when we got to Chick-fil-A which is fine since I wasn’t too interested in the “Chick” part of their menu. I got fries, a small fruit cup and diet Coke :) This made me happy.IMG_1332

I was very impressed with their condiment selection! They have a huge bar with so many choices! And they had real flowers on every table! Real flowers at a “fast food” place! Very cool Chick-fil-A!IMG_1330

I actually took home a few samples since we are low on mayo and I’ve never tried Texas Pete :) Don’t judge me, I am poor.IMG_1339

After dinner we continued to chat for a while and Matt bought everyone ice cream! It’s against my world views to turn down ice cream so I happily grabbed it from his hand like a greedy 5-year old accepted. Thanks Matt!IMG_1334

Before I left work I tried this new find: Chocolate Yogurt! I was pretty excited since I love all things chocolate.IMG_1313

Here is what it looks like when you open it. It is vanilla yogurt with chocolate on the bottom.IMG_1315

And here is what it looks like stirred up. It was okay. If I want chocolate I’d rather have a piece of dark chocolate bar or chocolate cake. But it was a new experience that I enjoyed, just wouldn’t get it again. IMG_1317

Here are the ingredients and nutritionals. I do love that they are all natural, recognizable ingredients. IMG_1322IMG_1324

I also had a piece of this. It was a hungry day!IMG_1325

Now I am blogging, talking to Matt on the phone, chewing gum and talking to Ben. By the way, one of our fish is a Ho-Betty and had over 10 little fishies the same night we brought them home. Wow. Two of them didn’t make it. Here is one tiny little dead fish :(IMG_1341

My little brother Matt suggested I rename the blog “The new adventures of Banana Hammock and her babies”. He is adorable and I miss him :)

See you for a glorious Friday!!!


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