Frosting your waffle


It is practically a tradition for me to go to Costco on Sundays. I look forward to it even! Weirdo. So, as expected, I went to Costco today and came home with 3 new finds (I've been eyeing them for a while and finally had the need). Once I got home I sampled each one too :) Wait, let me back up...this morning I woke up to find this homeless guy in my house. Then, I realized … [Read more...]

Post race Saturday – Burritos and funnel cake


Saturday evening we met up with some friends at a near-by Oktoberfest. Before we left I snacked on some carrots because I hadn't eaten veggies all day! and some pita chips. For dinner I fueled up on an entire Chipotle burrito... Actually, this was my first Chipotle burrito (I only tried the bowl before) and expected it to change my life, it didn't. I guess you can't compete … [Read more...]