Going to Mississippi – for work


Today I spend a lot of my morning figuring out my travel plans for this week. I am going to Mississippi tomorrow to cover a story about a church that is building a home for a family who lost everything in Katrina. Sounds like a great story, doesn't it?! I am leaving tomorrow morning (early) and will be back by Thursday afternoon. I plan to continue blogging in MS, just need to … [Read more...]

The Notebook


In case you missed it, here's my half mary recap :) The race's results said my net time was 1:50:48 - with a pace of 8:28. Unbelievable! I am very proud of that, but still weirded out that my Garmin showed less of a distance? After  extensive reflection I've decided to keep a Notebook of my eats for a month. I've been sticking to the Intuitive Eating all right, but since I … [Read more...]

Good Days and Bad Days


We all have good days and bad days. When the "bad" days start to be a little too frequent it's a good time to reevaluate what you're doing wrong and what you're doing right. It doesn't help to dwell on the bad day. Today was one of my bad days because I didn't eat full meals so I was really "snacky". Snacky = a problem for me every time. So, it's noted. I need to eat a real … [Read more...]