Day at the airport


So, after being at the airport for 5 hours I went to get on my rescheduled flight. I was then informed that it had been pushed back another 2 hours. I said, "You're kidding right? I've been here since 8am." I wasn't even mad anymore, at that point I was a broken woman. This is me, broken...I smiled to make up for the fact that I've had nothing to do for 7 hours and still didn't … [Read more...]

Airport Runner


I love traveling. I love the airport. I love the excited energy that buzzes around the airport. I don't love having my first flight delayed on the tarmac 30 minutes, running to my second flight, seeing the plane is still there, but the doors are closed - and being refused on board! I ran from my first flight with my heavy backpack and big video camera case 3 terminals over … [Read more...]