Chocolate Chips and PB


While I like Dark Chocolate Dreams, I think I love putting chocolate chips and PB together more! I brought an apple and a container of PB&choc chips for an afternoon snack. A few seconds in the microwave and it all melts together - Amazing. The only downside to this snack is, as much as I try, I don't like PB with fruit. I think it takes away from it. I prefer my PB with a … [Read more...]

Three in the morning


I normally don't run anything under 5 miles, but the trip messed up my running schedule and I wanted to make up some lost miles. So, yesterday I did 4 miles and today I did 3 miles. My 3 miles in the morning felt a lot better than my 4 miles yesterday afternoon! My ankle has actually been a little sore after (and sometimes during!) runs. I may start having to ice it and wrap … [Read more...]

Afternoon Run & 4 Ingredient Dinner


I love super simple recipes and just decided to work with what I needed to use up tonight. I have a ton of broccoli so I started with that and decided to use it with pasta, beans and feta cheese. It was sooo easy too! Just cook pasta, add rinsed off beans and feta cheese. Serve with broccoli "cooked" in microwave. I add a glass of water in the micro with the broccoli so they … [Read more...]