Eating more before a long run – 15 miles


I am going to start increasing my eats before long runs. I usually only have one piece of toast with PB, but as I am increasing my mileage I need to increase my before run eats. Today I stuck with the toast and PB&J, and then added another hunk of bread with PB. I am increasing my before run eats slowly so I don't upset my stomach :) Each week I may add a little more. … [Read more...]

Ice Cream is Carbs, Right?


Even though I was full from dinner the ice cream in the freezer has been calling my name. So, I had some topped with a granola bar and some chocolate syrup. A little over the top, but that's how I do it. Hey, I have a 15 miler planned for tomorrow - Ice Cream is Carbs, Right??? Dinner was just leftovers from yesterday - pasta, beans, feta cheese and broccoli. And I stole … [Read more...]