Warm Ears, Cold Hands


It was chilly this morning so I busted out my ear muff/headband to keep my ears warm. But, my hands were freezing! I need mittens fast. Marathon Training: I was out of it this morning and couldn't understand the speed work I was supposed to day (and I was not feeling it). So I just decided to try and do 6 miles at a 8:30 pace. Well, I didn't run that fast, but I did do 6 … [Read more...]

Julia Child vs. Pumpkin Ice Cream


I cannot decide what was the bigger highlight of my day - visiting Julia Child's kitchen or scoring pumpkin frozen yogurt at TCBY! Today was obviously a great day :) Ben and I did some exploring in D.C. today and visited the National Museum of American History. They have a replica of Julia Child's kitchen with all her pots and pans and stuff! It is so cool.  See, this is me … [Read more...]