Julia Child vs. Pumpkin Ice Cream

I cannot decide what was the bigger highlight of my day – visiting Julia Child’s kitchen or scoring pumpkin frozen yogurt at TCBY! Today was obviously a great day :)

Ben and I did some exploring in D.C. today and visited the National Museum of American History. They have a replica of Julia Child’s kitchen with all her pots and pans and stuff! It is so cool.  See, this is me in her kitchen:IMG_1631

This is her kitchen without me. Isn’t it better when I’m there?IMG_1634

I loved this quote from her on the wall: IMG_1637

Thanks for letting me stop by Mrs.Child!IMG_1638

I packed us lunches so we wouldn’t spend money or have to eat museum food. I knew I was going to be super hungry today so I packed a big lunch for myself – sandwich, pita chips, carrots, pear. Now that I think about it, it wasn’t that big. IMG_1640

After the museum we checked out the Washington Monument. It was a beautiful day and sooo many people were out!IMG_1646IMG_1643

On the way home we stopped at TCBY because they told me they would have pumpkin ice cream today – and they did! I got it with granola – my favorite topping ever :) It was so good and I also added more pumpkin spice when I got home – love it, love it. IMG_1649

I ate this trail mix on the way to TCBY because I was hungry (long runs on Saturday make me super hungry on Sunday) and didn’t want to completely wolf down my ice cream (not that it didn’t happen).IMG_1647

Dinner was leftovers, plus chips and salsa, grapes and random bites of Ben’s noodles – IMG_1654

Actually, the chips, salsa and other stuff was eaten whilst cooking. So, this leads me to this weeks Start, Stop, Keep.

Start: Plating all my food AND sitting down to eat ANYTHING!

Stop: Eating while cooking.

Keep: Waiting 30 minutes before eating when I get home. (I need to keep working on this one until it’s automatic.)

I just finished off the rest of the apple crisp from last night. Ben did eat some too, so I didn’t completely eat the whole thing by myself, but almost. The good thing about it is it’s healthy, so I don’t feel bad about eating 2 apples, oats, sugar, PB and cinnamon (okay and choc-chips) because that’s all it has! IMG_1656

I need to finish up my Nutrition homework and get some sleep! This week we’ve been talking about Fad Diets. I’ve done a lot of fad diets in the past including: The Cabbage Soup Diet, Atkins, Slim Fast and more. They obviously didn’t work. But the lesson is learned and now I try to eat balanced and exercise. It’s all about calories out versus calories in!

Question: Fess up, have you ever done a Fad Diet? If so, which one?


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    great day with great food. and apple crisp = fav fall food. what self control only with two apples, i always use about a dozen — unless that’s all that was in your portion tonight? still, great self control :)

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    I like the goals this week.
    Start: really listening to my physical body. what is happening? whey am i injured in my hip? what are you trying to tell me body? and when you tell me to keep eating?! what is it that you really need? – i will listen!
    Stop:fearing myself. it is only me. there is nothing to feat but fear itself.
    Keep: being mindful to consume a balanced meal and get adequate nutrition.

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    I’ve never done a “fad diet”, but I did do a lot of research into the Mediterannean diet last year when I was learning French to go on a tour of France for the week, and that heavily influenced my eating for that period of time. Unfortunately, it’s not very compatible with the whole American norm and wasn’t easy to keep up so I’ve sort of abandoned all lessons from it other than to eat slowly and savor the food.

    Julia’s kitchen sounds like a lot of fun. I should have my parents drive me by her old house, since she did live awful close to where I went to high school, except I never knew that until the movie came out

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    Fun day! I need to try some of that pumpkin froyo.
    Fad diets I’ve tried are the special K diet and slim fast. Both are absurd, you basically starve yourself.

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    That is too cool about visiting Julia’s kitchen. How lucky! Didn’t know that was in D.C. or I would have stopped by for sure. The husband and I went to DC as part of our honeymoon and we loved it. Didn’t get to see everything we wanted so we’ll be going back at some point.

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    I remember attempting the “negative calorie diet” once in college, which started with a week of cabbage soup diet type soup… but the soup was horrid so I didn’t stick to it long… my then bf about killed me for smelling up our apartment with that soup. ha!

    I also tried the zone for awhile, which I’m not sure is as much of a fad diet, but I guess it could be… but I can see more common sense in that one than most fad diets, but it still has its ridiculous points…

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    Good goals! I went to D.C. a few weeks ago and loved the Julia Childs exhibit. That is one of my most favorite museums ever!
    I’m sad to say I have tried some fad diets. I wish I hadn’t and learned. I’ve always just gotten to the point of being really obsessive with diets, and then it clicks in my head and I stop completely! I don’t ever want to diet again!

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    That’s my fave museum in all of DC. =) I love the portrait museum too.

    I’ve tried every stupid fad diet out there (they’re ALL fad diets IMO). The cabbage soup diet, Atkins, the Zone diet, Weight Watchers, The South Beach Diet, The Grapefruit Diet, Slim Fast, xenadrine, crack. lol…Ok, I lied about the ‘crack’ part, but I’ve pretty much tried them all. They’re all stupid, and they don’t work. IE is where it’s at. =)

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    I don’t know what happened, but you disappeared from my Reader again! I once tried Atkins but I had bad headaches. I do use South Beach dining out guide that I found at a dollar store…its’ great, but I never did the actual program.

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    Oh, what a fun day! I love DC and would love to visit again.

    I remember the Cabbage Soup diet when I was in college…Ugh! All those vegetables did not make for a happy belly. That was very short-lived!

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    Mmmm….love granola on fro-yo! I know you’re always looking for a lower cal granola that doesn’t taste like cardboard–have you tried the Fit version by Barenaked? It has 120 calories per serving, and it is a yummy vanilla flavor. Excellent on top of yogurt!

    I did South Beach a couple of years ago. I think that’s probably the lesser of a lot of evils. They focus on lean proteins and complex carbs, which is what I try to follow anyway. And I did discover a love of ricotta cheese from that diet. Mixed up with cinnamon, sugar, and a little vanilla….heaven!

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    What a great day out in D.C. It’s one of my favorite cities! I love the Julia’s kitchen exhibit.

    I’m on a gluten-free diet. For me it’s a necessity, not an option. It’s not a fad diet, but some people go on it voluntarily which annoys me because in my mind, those people see it as a fad diet, an easy way to get healthy or lose weight. It’s not necessarily a healthy diet or weight-loss diet unless you work just as hard at controlling the fats and calories. Why someone give up so many delicious foods when they don’t have to is beyond me.

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