California here I come!!!


I am so ready to get to the airport and get to California! My day was very anxious because of that :) I had to drive home very quickly to pick up my luggage during lunch (the morning was too rushed to be sure I had everything). And I got even more excited! I was hungry super early today and ate this pear around 10:30am. Lunch was eaten in parts around working and going … [Read more...]

Running Pants, Spandex Even!


I have only ran in pants once before (winter run in Long Beach), but didn't like the feeling and the pants kept falling down because my waist and butt are so disproportional. But, I knew I would need some running pants in Maryland so I went on the search for pants with a drawstring waist and tried them out this morning.  I did 6.4 miles in my new tights pants :) *Note how … [Read more...]

Wet Walk


I was NOT looking forward to my walk home this afternoon. It was rainy and cold outside and I had a 3.4 mile walk ahead of me. Boo. I really had no choice but to do it, but if I had a way to weasel out of it, I would have. I had an umbrella, but my hands were freezing! My car will be here in about 2 weeks and now that it's getting cold I can't wait!! My afternoon snackage … [Read more...]