Matt’s other fave blogger


Don't forget to update your Reader with: After I posted earlier I showed my little bro, Matt, Meghann's blog. I knew he would love it since he is obsessed with Disney and she recently attended an event in Epcot and completed a Disney race. He loved it :) Rock on Meghann! After saying good-bye to my car and sending it on it's … [Read more...]

Home Sweet Home


I made it home around midnight and chatted for a bit with my bigger bro. I was so ready to hit the sack - it was 3am my time. Marathon Training: This morning I did 3 easy miles. I am not going to do a long run this weekend because time with the fam is precious and I don't want to spend over 2 hours running tomorrow. I will try to get in around 8 miles though, we'll see … [Read more...]

“Did someone throw-up?”


Let me give you one guess as to what the flight attendant exclaimed when she was passing out beverages as I was digging into my dinner. Yes, she did. "Did someone throw up??" I didn't even realize the smell was my salad for a while. She literally asked the people behind me if they threw up. Nope. It was just the blue cheese on my salad. Seriously, you've never smelled blue … [Read more...]