“Did someone throw-up?”

Let me give you one guess as to what the flight attendant exclaimed when she was passing out beverages as I was digging into my dinner. Yes, she did. “Did someone throw up??” I didn’t even realize the smell was my salad for a while. She literally asked the people behind me if they threw up. Nope. It was just the blue cheese on my salad. Seriously, you’ve never smelled blue cheese before?IMG_1754

With my “throw up salad” I had crab soup. Taking good pics on an airplane is pretty difficult. I apologize for the bad photography. And I thought I was making a “healthy” choice with the tomato based crab soup – but it was super oily. I can only hope it was olive oil and be grateful for some extra healthy fats. They do make your hair shiny :)IMG_1751

I had a quick layover in Milwaukee and am now on my way to L.A.  I  picked up this dessert for the flight. I tried a sample of these at Costco the other day and really liked it.  Not “healthy” (and super processed), but a portion controlled sweet treat for me to enjoy :) IMG_1758IMG_1759

The guy sitting in front of me is completely reclined onto my lap. So, my laptop is jammed into my stomach and my elbows are sticking out to the sides (much to the chagrin of my neighbor). I am trying to type realling hard so at least he can’t get any sleep. He’s in an exit row too, so he does have extra room already. I know I sound mean, but I am breathing on his head. Seriously sir, you can’t let the seat up a little? Who votes I start sneezing right now?


  1. says

    Lol they said it smelled like throw up??? Crazy!!! I love blue cheese. I think it smells just fine!
    Maybe you could just ask him if he’d mine scooting up a bit? Hopefully he’ll be friendly about it!!

  2. Ashley says

    Haha, I hate when people recline all the way back- everyone seems to do that who I sit behind too! Hope you had a good trip otherwise and have a great trip!

  3. Sammi says

    My dad is an airline pilot so I fly a lot and that is the worst thing when you’re on a plane. You’re already scrunched up because of how small planes are in general and then you end up with the jerk that does not care there is someone behind him! I never understand how people can lower it all the way and not feel bad.

    That was funny about the salad! I guess they just get into the habit of thinking any strange smell is puke!

  4. msknott says

    Hey, I finally have gotten the moment to sign up and post my story. I hope you enjoy reading it and if you have any suggestions, please feel free to constructively critique. Yes, don’t you love when they recline all the way back into your lap:) The joys of inconsiderate people! lol
    How is your training going?

    Take care,
    Air Trans-Baltimore
    2 Hour Delay- this was the final title chosen.

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