Blurry Vision

I made it back to Maryland around 6:15am, Ben picked me up from the airport, I dropped him off at work, stopped at home to change and now I’m at work. I didn’t realize how tired I was going to be. Right now it’s a fight to stay awake. I got some coffee from Burger King, but it was really bad. I may need to get another caffeine enhanced beverage! That Red Eye gave me blurry vision!!

Last night my mom took Matt and I to Blizzberry – a self serve frozen yogurt place nearby. Frozen yogurt is actually my favorite dessert and I am such a sucker for self serve places! It was a great way to end the warm SoCal weekend! IMG_1861

While I was at home I made oatmeal super quick in the microwave. Microwave oatmeal is not as pretty as stovet op, but it does the trick.IMG_1864

Now I must concentrate on work and it’s going to take all my effort. I will see you guys later :)


  1. says

    You’re a rockstar for even going to work after taking the red-eye. I bet you’ll sleep like a baby tonight though…

    Love the fro-yo! I would have no self control at a self serve place though….

  2. says

    so i re-added you to my blogroll and it is updating again, hooray. yay for some fam time! love the pic of you and your brother in pumpkin shirts:) get some sleeeep!!

  3. Sveta says

    I thought i lost this blog! it didnt work from my favourites and honestly when i googled runeatrepeat nothing came up the multiple times i searched! Blah! Finally someone linked to your new URL from a different blog, hurraaahhh!!

    Hope the rest of your readers find it ok too!

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