Meatless Mondays Controversy


A Baltimore area school is serving Meatless lunches on Mondays. It is in effort to save money, but it's causing a lot of backlash from the meat industry. CNN covered it today - this is a 3 minute piece. I think it is ridiculous that they mention that the kids are getting vegetarian chili for lunch and question if they are getting enough protein! Hello, beans have protein - that … [Read more...]

Feeling 100%


I feel 100% better after a good night's sleep! I ended up trying to catch up on email and didn't get to bed until 9:30 (I was shooting for 8!). But, I did get a full eight hours and I feel so much better :) I'm happy!! Speaking of happy...I am trying out to be the "good mood blogger" for Sam-e (it's a supplement company). Please click here and vote for me! You don't have to … [Read more...]