Success is how you handle the setbacks


I was struck by this quote today and loved it so much I wrote myself a note and posted it on my computer: I feel like I am always hitting setbacks lately and I get so discouraged and frustrated. But, I should be getting motivated, working smarter & harder, staying positive and thinking of a new plan instead of getting frustrated. This note came at a time when I really … [Read more...]

No Glove No Love


The other day (after I wore my Poor Girl's Gloves) Ben surprised me with a pair of Nike running gloves! My hands were very happy and I've been wearing them for every run since I got them! They have a key pocket on the inside of each hand, but it is facing down. So, if you use it and put in a key in there make sure to keep a fist so it doesn't fall out. Marathon … [Read more...]

Eat Happy Foods


With all this talk about the "Good Mood Blogger" gig I'm trying out for (vote here) I want to make sure and maintain my good mood. Running is definitely my normal drug of choice - I am addicted to the endorphins. But, there are also many foods you can eat to help increase serotonin in your brain (it helps regulate feel good chemicals). Two good sources of serotonin are … [Read more...]