No Glove No Love

The other day (after I wore my Poor Girl’s Gloves) Ben surprised me with a pair of Nike running gloves! My hands were very happy and I’ve been wearing them for every run since I got them! IMG_1896

They have a key pocket on the inside of each hand, but it is facing down. So, if you use it and put in a key in there make sure to keep a fist so it doesn’t fall out. IMG_1898

Marathon Training: Today I didn’t have a specific goal for my run so I figured I would do my normal 6 mile route at an easy pace. I even LEFT MY GARMIN AT HOME. That is a big deal to some Garmin addicts, but surprisingly I didn’t miss it as much as I thought I would. I think this is because I have only been using my Garmin to measure distance and see my mile splits, but I have not been keeping an eye on pace since I moved to MD.

Breakfast: I utilized this super brown naner to sweeten up my oats this morning. I cannot have oatmeal without a banana in it!IMG_1895

I made my usual oats and then mixed in pumpkin, salt and pumpkin pie spice (Evan told me he adds extra salt and I copied). IMG_1902

I topped it with cranberries, cereal and PB (some brown sugar was added after the pic). It was Awesome!IMG_1900

Thank you all soo much for the votes for the Good Mood blogger gig! It really means a lot to me and I totally smile when I check to see how many votes I have. This would completely be my dream job and I appreciate all you help with the votes. You can vote once a day here until the 30th. Thanks again – you guys rock!!!


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    Cute gloves! I have a pair too, but it’s way too hot here to wear them. When my Garmin wouldn’t work for a long run, I was so cranky but after a while, it actually felt liberating not to have a watch on to keep checking my pace and time

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    Yay for no socks! Glad you liked the salt. I’m afraid I’m overdoing eat these days but so long as I up the potassium and water it should all work out(hopefully) haha

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    Oooh. Those gloves look great! I usually just loop my keys around my fingers inside the gloves– but this would be a MASSIVE improvement :) Also… I wanted to let you know that when I ran my half on Sunday I used the “poor girl gloves idea” (just got married and moved … gloves are who knows where…) They worked great– and I saw several other runners doing the same thing! Can’t wait to see the pics where I am happily waving at the camera with my “socked hand”… haha…

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    i have those same gloves! they work pretty well except for below like 20*, then i have to double (or triple) up. but i have really bad circulation so they may not for you. but they are pretty awesome :)

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    I love those gloves! Nike makes really great winter running gear (I have pants, a hoodie, and a jacket) so I’m totally going to look for those! I have a pair of Mizunos now and hate them. Worst waste of money.

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