Sushi It Is!!!


I packed my lunch today (like usual), but really wanted sushi for lunch. I thought and thought about it until I caved and walked next door to Giant for some store bought sushi (I live on the edge). It was nothing fancy, but did satisfy the craving. I got California Rolls (maybe a CA craving?). To round out the meal I had some tiny tomatoes and broccoli for veggie & … [Read more...]

Long Run Countdown


The Disney World Marathon is January 10th - that's only 11 weeks away! I usually countdown to races by how many long runs I have left to train. Here is my long run plan for the rest of training: 10/24 - 17 miles 10/31 - 19 miles 11/8 - 16 miles (in SFO with Meghann & co.) 11/14 - 18 miles 11/21 - 20 miles 11/28 - 15 miles (scale back because fam is in town … [Read more...]

Fall Walk


My walk home today was gorgeous - I am loving all the pretty colors on the trees :) I enjoy my walks home, but I will be very happy when I have my car! My afternoon snack was yogurt and granola. It was really good! But when I came home I discovered a new package of Vitatops on my doorstep and had to "sample" the new flavors I ordered - oops :( Dinner was super easy and … [Read more...]