7 Things…


No, I didn't truly get nominated for the Kreativ Blogger Award, but Bobbi did throw it out to everyone and I decided to catch it :) So, now I am going to tell you 7 things you don't already know about me.... 1. I have one tattoo 2. I always make "whore" jokes about  myself and it causes problems in my relationship (but they're really funny) 3. I believe if I would have … [Read more...]

The Buddy System


I did Weight Watchers in college and it didn't work too well for me because it was hard for me to "buy into" the meetings since I felt out of place with the leaders other members, who were more like my mom than friends. But, I did always love that you had to go to a meeting and get weighed in and really be accountable. I believe the buddy system is great for helping you succeed … [Read more...]

Ice Cream in Season?


I love ice cream. More than you do. A lot more. Seriously. But, I usually cut back once it gets cold. I thought it was getting close to ice cream season being over, but today was nice and warm! So, I was craving ice cream!! I made a super fancy brownie sundae with banana soft serve, 1/2 VitaTop, granola and choc syrup. I brought a different snack to work today - can you tell … [Read more...]