Obstacle Course & 1001 Posts!!!


It rained pretty hard last night and was still sprinkling this morning so the sidewalk was an obstacle course this morning. I was dodging puddles and mud the whole way. It actually was kind of fun :) It kept my mind working and focused on the run the whole time. I actually don't know how far I went since my Garmin couldn't find a signal. I am pretty sure it was around 5 … [Read more...]

Yoga 1


I went to Yoga 1 tonight. I haven't been to a yoga class since July, before we moved out here. I used to go to a great studio in Irvine and would take Yoga 1 or Yoga 1-2. It was fun and challenging. So, I figured since it's been a while I should stick with Yoga 1, but this class was way too easy for me (that is not saying much,trust me) so I am going to look for another class … [Read more...]