Going into D.C.


I had to wake up super early because I'm going into D.C. today. I'm covering an event at the National Press Club - doesn't that sound fancy?! I didn't really make time for exercise this morning (and was feeling kinda sleepy and lazy too). But I am planning on a yoga class tonight :) I really wanted a filling breakfast since I don't know when I will have time for lunch - … [Read more...]

Won’t Power


I think it's weird that we call it "willpower" when it's usually "won't power" we are aiming for. It took all my "won't power" today to keep myself from NOT buying a DD coffee! I had to tell myself I won't buy one today. It takes a lot of "won't power" to avoid the office candy dish too. I think I am going to try and get the term "won't power" to be the new thing :) When I … [Read more...]