Halloween Costume #3

Happy Halloween!!!

My brother got me this perv mustache from a vending machine when I was in California. See me rocking it while wearing my Operation Beautiful shirt? You dressing up tonight? You better if you want candy or the perv ‘stache police will get ya!IMG_1835

Ben and I did some walking together today and I did a short run. My eats were kinda random today, but did include Eggs in a hole (aka eggs in a basket)! Loved it. If you have never made this, do it – it’s easy and delicious (just like I like it). I also topped it with cheese – do that too. IMG_2142

Here is the Food Network’s recipe.

Here is mine: Rip hole from center of bread x2. Place in a hot pan. Drop egg in hole. Flip, top with cheese. Ketchup. Eat.

I also ate 4 kiwis! I was super hungry this morning/afternoon!IMG_2144I have errands to run. The plans for Halloween include baking a Pumpkin Peanut Bread! Stay tuned for the recipe, it may change your life.


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