Own worst critic


It is very common for people to say they are their own worst critic. But - that doesn't make it okay. Last night, in addition to writing a negative post about my run, I spent most of dinner talking about how my running is crap and I really want to achieve "x", but I suck blah, blah, blah. After I was done Ben was just quiet and said, "Are you done beating yourself up? Because … [Read more...]

20 mile break down


I kinda wished I could have titled this post "20 mile Break Dance" and tell you how I did crazy break dancing moves on my run today and got the cars passing by to honk. But, that would be a lie. After Panera Bena nd I hit up Costco for samples, I mean groceries. When we got home I had some yogurt, pineapple and cereal. I wasn't hungry, but felt depleted. Long run days are so … [Read more...]

Twenty is More Than Plenty


I did it, I completed 20 miles today. BUT - I walked a lot in the last 5 miles or so. I basically walked all hills and at that point I didn't care. Well, actually I did care when I would see other runners coming towards me. I wanted to say, "I've already ran 15 miles, and I have 5 more to go. Don't judge me for walking..." My stats: 20 miles - 3:18:41 This stats are not … [Read more...]

Coffee and a Run


Good Morning! This long holiday weekend was great :) But, now my family is back in California and I must get back on track with training and healthy eating. I am off for a run. Let me be more specific -- I am off for a l-o-n-g run. This is the part of marathon training I don't like. Once my long runs get past 16 miles I don't look forward to them at all :( I think one of the … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving ’09


I started the day with a 6 miler. My legs are tired from running four days in a row, but I wanted to get in some good mileage before all the eats! Breakfast was oat bran. I needed something warm after a cold run! I made the whole Thanksgiving spread with the help of my mom. This was our first time ever doing it like this. Normally we have T-day with my whole Mexican fam and … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving in Costa Rica


Two years ago today Ben and I were in Costa Rica for Thanksgiving week. I don't even remember how or why we got the idea to go there, but I still think it was the best trip we've ever taken (maybe even beating our honeymoon in Belize)! On Thanksgiving Day we went to Manuel Antonio and National Park (and beach). It was the most amazing day of our trip and a T-day I will never … [Read more...]

Apples and Monuments


The best pictures of today don't involve food. Well, there is one picture of me enjoying an apple at the WWII monument... Other than that it was all about the sights! My brother, Michael, wasn't able to visit in August when my mom and Matt came, so we did some of the same stuff. Like, the Lincoln Memorial...My bros and I... And the view of the Washington  Monument. I don't … [Read more...]

Running Through My Mind


This morning I had another wet run. I did 6 miles and had the most random thoughts today including: "I wonder if I could make sure I get pregnant to have a baby in the winter so it gives me enough time to get back into a bathing suit so I don't miss out on summer at the beach..." "I bet these people going to work think I'm crazy for running in the rain..." (While … [Read more...]

Mi Familia


Howdy Howdy Howdy...Today was jam packed with fun stuff. Well, if you define fun as washing dishes, going to school and catching up on emails. But my family is here now and I am a happy little bear!!! They may not be so happy about the rainy weather though. I broke for lunch before going to school for some time in the computer lab. I have a TON of chickpeas - good thing I … [Read more...]

Salt Water Swish


Last night before I went to bed my throat was feeling super scratchy. I gargled with some salt water last night and again this morning. Does anyone else do this? I know gargling with salt water is good for helping relieve a sore throat, but a nurse recently told me it also discourages bacteria from growing in your mouth/throat. I figure it couldn't hurt! If you've never heard … [Read more...]

Rubbing My Branch With A Stick


Ben and I were obsessed with Planet Earth when it first came out. We watched it all summer and thought the bird mating DVD was super cute because we're perverts. One of the birds would rub his little home ( a branch) with a stick. He was trying to clean his place up to lure a lady bird. It's adorable. I can't find that clip, but in this one a bird first cleans up the forest … [Read more...]

Tried and Truvia


I have been trying to cut back on sugar for a few reasons, but can't help that I love to sweeten up my eats. I usually add a little brown sugar to my oat bran (or oatmeal). Yesterday at the store I saw Truvia was on sale. I figured it was worth a shot and took it home (after paying for it, duh). Truvia is a calorie free sweetener made from Erythritol and Stevia. I have … [Read more...]

Coffee and Donuts


My errands began with coffee and donuts. Well, DD iced coffee and a munchkin to be exact... I also tried a bite of Ben's pumpkin donut. I have to say I was disappointed by it. Boo. I had such high hopes for this pumpkin donut! But, it wasn't very pumpkin-y and wasn't very special. Weekend eating is always really weird for me because long runs on Saturday and sleeping … [Read more...]

Tiny Tea Cups


This morning  I used my cute little tea cup for juice. I love using smaller dishes to help with portion control (and of course it doesn't hurt if they're cute!). These tea cups are from a set my Nina bought me for my bridal shower and I adore them. I think of them as super tiny tea cups and don't really feel guilty about refills. Well, this can defeat the purpose of using … [Read more...]

Chocolate Chip Cranberry Muffins


Today's eats were really random... since I ate a big breakfast at noon I didn't get hungry again until around 2:30/3pm - and I don't think I was really even hungry, probably just tired from the whole "I ran 19 miles today" thing. I ate a mango and nachos for "lunch". Yes, I ate nachos. I just threw them together with tortilla chips, salsa and cheese in the micro. I don't … [Read more...]

True Life: I’m training for a Marathon


MTV's True Life series inspired this post. It's crazy how much training for a marathon changes your day to day life. Last night I made sure to avoid alcohol, carb load and get to sleep early. Hey, I didn't say it was a dramatic day to day, I just said it changes stuff. This morning I woke up early to run 20 miles. I ended up only doing 19, but it's still not normal! If a camera … [Read more...]