Food Issue: No Uvas!


When I was a kid I remember seeing "No Uvas!" bumper stickers on cars. It means "No Grapes". I didn't really understand why at the time, but later learned the movement and the bumper stickers were inspired by Cesar Chavez. He was a union worker, labor leader and civil rights leader. This movement was in response to the poor treatment of (mostly) immigrant produce pickers in … [Read more...]

Walking the Hills


Marathon Training: I started my day with a quick 6 mile run around the neighborhood. I've decided the hills are what kill me more than anything else. So many times I am running and feeling great and then I hit a hill and "WHAM!" I feel like I ran into a wall and I need to walk. Boo. I have no desire for hill training right now, but I did check the Disney World Marathon … [Read more...]

Ice Cream, Chocolate and Baked Goods


The title of this post really sums up my eats for this weekend. Sure, I had a big veggie filled salad at one point but, more than anything else I ate junk :( A lot of junk. Too much junk. I enjoy eating indulgent foods when I go out or at parties, but I try to keep it out of the house. I just know myself and if it's here, I will eat it. All. Even if I'm not hungry in the least … [Read more...]