Food Issue: No Uvas!

When I was a kid I remember seeing “No Uvas!” bumper stickers on cars. It means “No Grapes”. I didn’t really understand why at the time, but later learned the movement and the bumper stickers were inspired by Cesar Chavez. He was a union worker, labor leader and civil rights leader. This movement was in response to the poor treatment of (mostly) immigrant produce pickers in California.IMG_2161

I am pretty sure the fight was done by the time I could read those bumper stickers, but the passion lived on in people like my dad, a Mexican American union worker from California. Grapes are one of my favorite fruits and I’m glad I can eat them without guilt, but every now and then I think about how lucky I am to live in a country where people are able to fight for proper treatment at work…and how now people fight for proper treatment of the animals we eat (more on that later).

Lunch was a big salad with hummus and cottage cheese. I bought the biggest tub of cc from Costco so now I have to eat it. I go through phases of liking things, so let’s hope I am in a “like cottage cheese” phase for a while. IMG_2170In the spirit of my Mexican heritage, quesadillas are on the menu for dinner!


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    I would definitely agree that we live in a country where people have the legal right to fight for proper treatment at work, but I’m sad to say that many do not because of economic needs and power structures. I think this should remind us of the importance of being aware of how our society works (as well as others) and the power of advocacy in creating positive change.

    On a totally different note, I like your placemats :)

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