Walking the Hills

Marathon Training: I started my day with a quick 6 mile run around the neighborhood. I’ve decided the hills are what kill me more than anything else. So many times I am running and feeling great and then I hit a hill and “WHAM!” I feel like I ran into a wall and I need to walk. Boo.

I have no desire for hill training right now, but I did check the Disney World Marathon course to see if there are a lot of hills just in case I should run them. I couldn’t find the elevation chart for the 2010 race, but found one for 2006. There aren’t  too many hills so I will continue to walk the hills around here and hope I don’t run into any surprises on the marathon!

Breakfast was a steamy bowl of oatbran made with: 1/3c oatbran, banana, water, soymilk, salt, cinnamon and topped with Peanut Butter and brown sugar. IMG_2166Melty PB and brown sugar :) It really hits the spot! IMG_2168In other Marathon Training news: My foot hurts. It feels like the beginning of tendonitis (I got it while training for my first marathon in February). For now I am focusing on icing it at least once a day and wearing good, supportive shoes instead of heels, flip flops or Uggs.

New York City Marathon – The top 40 men and top 40 women get to prepare their own racing fluids and have them waiting for them at key stops during the race. This interesting article talks about the excitement and chaos of getting their hands on those precious sips.

Bad News – I am no longer attending the FoodBuzz Festival due to some personal issues. :( I am super bummed and apologize to my roommate and running mates. Sorry ladies, it was out of my control.

Happy Monday! Let’s make it a great day :)


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    I walk a HUGE hill on my run too. It’s not worth burning yourself out on one hill for the rest of the run you know?
    I hope your foot heals. It sounds like your doing the right things to take care of it though. Have a great week!

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    I think you’re safe for Disney. I ran it last year, and it was mostly hill-free. But running up them is still a great training component. It makes you that much stronger come race day!!

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