Training in Florida


First things have to check out this David Letterman clip: NYC Marathon Winner Meb Keflizigh with the Top 10 things you think about while running the marathon. So, Ben surprised me and bought tickets for a weekend getaway to Florida the weekend after Thanksgiving! We are going to visit his family who live south of Sarasota. This means the end of November is … [Read more...]

Afraid of Not Running


I am afraid of not running. This morning I was on the fence about yoga versus running for today's exercise. I could have taken a yoga class at 7am this morning, but I wouldn't be able to run. I was afraid to not run so I decided to run an easy 3 miles in the morning and go to a Yoga class after work today. So, I get both! But, it is kind of tragic that I feel like I need to … [Read more...]

Damn that Joe


I know better than to go to Trader Joe's and buy things I don't need, but I did it again today after work. I walked out with this bag that somehow was half empty by the time I got home. Damn it Joe, not cool. Before I left work I had a yogurt, cheese stick (not string cheese because you can't string it) and a piece of Ez bread. My focus on more protein rich snacks is doing … [Read more...]