Damn that Joe

I know better than to go to Trader Joe’s and buy things I don’t need, but I did it again today after work. I walked out with this bag that somehow was half empty by the time I got home. Damn it Joe, not cool.IMG 2179 225x300 Damn that Joe

Before I left work I had a yogurt, cheese stick (not string cheese because you can’t string it) and a piece of Ez bread. My focus on more protein rich snacks is doing well at keeping me full until dinner, but I don’t enjoy it as much. Hmmm. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with that yet.IMG 2173 300x225 Damn that JoeIMG 21721 300x225 Damn that Joe

I made quesadillas for dinner. This was mostly because I had guacamole and wanted an excuse to eat it on chips and a quesadilla. It is stuffed with mushrooms, beans, onions and of course cheese.IMG 2176 300x225 Damn that Joe

Then, Ben busted out the TJ’s pb cups. Which he opened after “not hearing me” tell him they were for the 1001st post contest winner. Damn that Ben. I ate them. IMG 2177 300x225 Damn that Joe

Now I am staring in awe at how massively HUGE my hands are. I am a beast.IMG 2178 300x225 Damn that Joe

I need to start doing yoga or taking a walk after work. Yeah, I think that’s a better option than eating cheese curls by the fist full (which is super out of character for me, I usually stick with cereal and ice cream). Busted.

Brussel Fail – The other day I froze some uncooked brussel sprouts to roast later. After they thawed I realized they were super watery and gross. I tried to cook them in the microwave and they were disgusting icon sad Damn that Joe This was devastating as brussel sprouts are my fave veggie this time of year. Boo.

Which brings me to Ben’s Random Comment of the Day:

Me: “Ugh! These brussel sprouts are disgusting. I have to throw them all away.”

Ben: “Yeah, did they taste like someone farted in your mouth? Because that’s what I thought they tasted like when I was a kid.”


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    just wanted to let you know i follow your blog & like it a lot :)
    i’ve really been wanting to try some of those tj peanut butter cups- yumm!!

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    Had me laughing out loud at Ben’s comment. Very descriptive idea of what those sprouts tasted like… now the question remains, who farted in the husband’s mouth or better yet, how does he know what a fart TASTES like?

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    same thing happens to me when i go to target! these ppl who founded the stores had to have sold their souls to the devil. and bens comment is soooo funny!

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    I made the same mistake at TJs. I went on Saturday directly after running a 5k and bought all kinds of snacks like caramel corm, mini chocolate peanut butter cups, peanut butter pretzels….BAD idea. I will be paying for it tomorrow at weigh-in.

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