Hold the mayo – in your purse


Things I found in my purse today: A packet of mayonnaise, because I like love to steal condiments. I don't know what I thought I was going to use it for, but I never let a free bucket of condiments pass me by without helping myself to some. A pack of gum that is almost empty even though I just bought it yesterday and told myself I would only eat 3 sticks a day. I am an … [Read more...]

Rustling Leaves


This morning I did 7 miles in 1:02:48! I felt really good the whole time - I think incorporating yoga into my Marathon Training is a good idea :) Normally on my runs all I hear is my breath, my footsteps and passing cars (I don't run with an Ipod because I am a freak). But today I noticed the sound of rustling leaves. There are so many leaves on some parts of the sidewalk I … [Read more...]

Yoga and Wine


I made it to Yoga 2 today and it was really good! I was nervous before I went. I get stressed out in yoga when I suck (ironic). But this class wasn't too challenging for me and I got a good stretch. Love it! This may be my new regular class :) After yoga I raced home to make dinner. It was only 6pm, but it felt so late! That time change really messes with ya! I love tempeh … [Read more...]