Hold the mayo – in your purse

Things I found in my purse today:

A packet of mayonnaise, because I like love to steal condiments. I don’t know what I thought I was going to use it for, but I never let a free bucket of condiments pass me by without helping myself to some.IMG_2198

A pack of gum that is almost empty even though I just bought it yesterday and told myself I would only eat 3 sticks a day. I am an addict. At least I am not alone in my addiction, Caitlin.IMG_2202

Runner’s chapstick! I love this because it’s made for you to open with one hand (because you’re running). But, I am not running with my massive yellow purse, I just like chapstick.IMG_2201

Lunch! I went home for lunch since I didn’t make time to pack it this morning. I threw together a veggie burger, carrots with hummus and blackberries.IMG_2195

I am always afraid to put dressing or hummus on my carrots because I feel like I’ll get spoiled and stop eating them plain. Is that weird?IMG_2194

I also didn’t really want the blackberries, but thought I should have some fruit instead of chips. What I really wanted was a granola bar for something sweet. I ended up still grabbing a granola bar on the way out and eating it (no pic). Note to self: Just fucking eat what you want already. IMG_2193Breathe –  Being the Designated Driver can actually mean being the Designated Dieter


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    I know that feeling all too well. Why is it so hard to listen to our intuition. sometimes our “logical” mind tries to talk us out of something unexplainable.

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    I so agree with eating what you want, though blackberries aren’t exactly something to kick yourself about eating either. But I definitely notice that I have a “hunger” and an “appetite”. I could eat 2lbs of broccoli but if all I want is some white chocolate there’s no way my “appetite” will let me go

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    Vitamin10 waters stump me. Because the calories don’t match up with the amount of carbs. There are 10 carbs I think per bottle? Or more? And if you multiply that out by 4 calories per carb, you get something like 40-50 calories per bottle. I’m curious…

    But they’re still tasty!!

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    I feel the same way about putting hummus or dressing on my carrots…or really any vegetable. It took me so long to learn to like plain veggies that I am afraid my tastebuds will remember what they are missing! I know it is neurotic but I felt emboldened to share after you admitted feeling the same! : )

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