What the fox?


I saw a fox on my run this morning! It startled me and I didn't know if I should keep running or turn back. I kept running a bit and it seemed to walk away, but then it turned back and looked at me like it wasn't going to run away. Then, I remembered this story that I read about a rabid fox that bit a jogger and she ran with it for one mile! That happened one year ago today. … [Read more...]

Yoga and Immunity


My old yoga studio (Yoga Shakti)  sent me an email with ways yoga helps our immunity: Reduces the negative effects of stress, thus reducing the harmful and immune suppressing effects of stress hormones. Increases blood flow and oxygenation to our tissues Keeps our breath full, which cleanses and nourishes the body. Keeps our minds calm so that we can work smart not … [Read more...]