What the fox?

I saw a fox on my run this morning! It startled me and I didn’t know if I should keep running or turn back. I kept running a bit and it seemed to walk away, but then it turned back and looked at me like it wasn’t going to run away. Then, I remembered this story that I read about a rabid fox that bit a jogger and she ran with it for one mile! That happened one year ago today. Crazy!

When I remembered that story I turned around and ran home. I ended up doing only about 3 to 4 miles, but at least I wasn’t fox bait. What the fox?

Once again I couldn’t decide what to have for breakfast. I think one of the reasons nothing sounds good is I’m not hungry yet. That can be blamed on me eating to much the night before. Anyways, I went with egg beaters, english muffin with PB&PB and an apple. I am not an “egg” person normally so this is a new thing for me to enjoy so much icon smile What the fox? IMG 2215 300x225 What the fox?

The internet at work is down which leaves me unable to do my job. It’s very frustrating. So my co-worker and I walked to DD to grab an iced coffee. I hate breaking up monotony with food/drink/treats, but it’s a hard habit to break. At least an iced coffee doesn’t do much calorie damage! IMG 2216 300x225 What the fox?

I came home to eat lunch and blog though!

Lunch was packed, so I just brought it home to enjoy. A big salad and bread with avocado spread on top. Love it. IMG 2218 300x225 What the fox?

I’ve got to get working, but I will check you later icon smile What the fox?

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    A couple of my friends saw a coyote on a trail run in the Santa Monica mountains here in SoCal, and they just said to look away and not stare it down or else they think you are threatening them. Glad you made it home safe!

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    I’m the crazy person that would think ”how cute, a fox”. I’ve never seen one before except on TV. BUT now, I’m kinds scared from that biting story. I forget they are wild animals.

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