18 miles and counting

I like to think of my miles as my children, so today you can call me Mrs.Duggar because I busted out 18 miles. While I know running is nothing like childbirth, I can’t help but get delirious around mile 14 and think up weird posts like this. I also enjoy finding ways to reference my vagina in my posts (see how I just did it right there? Bet you didn’t see that coming).

Marathon Training: 18 miles in 2:50:22. Boo-ya!IMG 2267 300x225 18 miles and counting

Because it was so cold today I wasn’t really sweating that much and made a quick pit-stop at home on my loop around for a bathroom break. This is the first time in my young red-headed life that I’ve worn running tights on a long run. IMG 2260 300x225 18 miles and countingI told Ben the way I was headed and he caught up with me around mile 15 and rode his bike with me for the last 3 miles. I got distracted by talking with him (who am I kidding? I was listening, not talking at that point) and the last few miles went by fast!IMG 2264 300x225 18 miles and counting

Before I left I had a sandwich thin and banana with PB. This is a very light meal for before such a long run, but I wasn’t hungry at all. That may be because I was eating Pumpkin Pecan Cheesecake at 11pm last night (more on that in the next post). Oops. Hey, I had to carb load! IMG 2254 300x225 18 miles and counting

Nothing sounded good after the run (too cold for a smoothie, the only thing I normally want). So, I made a trail mix and cottage cheese bowl. I layered cottage cheese, cereals, nuts and dried fruit and topped it with soymilk. It was amazing!IMG 2269 300x225 18 miles and counting

My body hurts, but I am in great spirits! I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to bust out all 18 miles and I did it! I’m happy icon smile 18 miles and counting Hope you are too (not about me running 18 miles, but about your own accomplishments on this fine Saturday).

pin it button 18 miles and counting


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