Boxed Lunch & Pic with Meb

Today I had a boxed lunch. Luckily, it was boxed by me so it was exactly what I wanted :)IMG_2294

A tuna wrap, carrots and grapes. I also ate the apple of course.IMG_2293

Jealous Much?

My friend Rondell has a production company in California (how LA, right?). Meb aka “the best US male marathoner/NYC marathon winner” came to his studio to do a media tour for PowerBar! Ahhhh! I was dying when I saw this picture! Too cool. Rondell says Meb is very cool and runs 100 miles a week. Hardcore, for real.meb and rondell

My afternoon snack was yogurt in the middle… I packed pineapple and cereal to go with my yogurt.IMG_2295

I mixed it all up, made a mess and enjoyed it thoroughly :) IMG_2296

Updated to add: Just had a pack of soup crackers and a mini-Twix. Random scrounging around in my desk. Am I hungry or tired? Hmmm.


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