Weight-loss Lesson #1


Weight-loss Lesson #1: Don't shop hungry! Because if you do you might end up buying dark chocolate Chex mix and eating half the bag on the way home. And then trying some in a cup with milk - yes I went there. If you shop hungry you might also buy honey mustard pretzels and rip open the bag because that's the only way to do it while driving. Just to "try a few", … [Read more...]

R.I.P Fishies


Before I get into the sad details of our dying fish... Breakfast was Pumpkin Oat Bran topped with PB and granola. I am curious how long oat bran without PB would keep me full because the combo really sits like a brick in my stomach. I am loving this pecan granola by the way... Marathon Training: 4.5 miles - I just wanted to run a bit, but didn't have much time and my … [Read more...]

Portabella Burgers


I remember the first time I had a portabella burger. It was during freshman orientation at Whittier College (I ended up transferring after freshman year). I had recently decided to take veganism for a spin, but knew nothing about being vegan or even vegetarian for that matter. I remember being so impressed and almost awestruck by the flavor and meaty-ness of the portabella. … [Read more...]