R.I.P Fishies

Before I get into the sad details of our dying fish…

Breakfast was Pumpkin Oat Bran topped with PB and granola. I am curious how long oat bran without PB would keep me full because the combo really sits like a brick in my stomach. IMG_2308

I am loving this pecan granola by the way… IMG_2310

Marathon Training: 4.5 miles – I just wanted to run a bit, but didn’t have much time and my legs are tired so this works :)

The night before last Ghost Face Killa passed away. Then, last night Chinchilla was found lying on the bottom of the tank. We buried them outside (that was Ben’s idea, I’m a flusher) and said something nice about them. It’s really sad because Chincilla has nine babies that are now motherless :( We don’t know why they both died, two days in a row, but we’re looking into possible problems with the tank, feeding, temp…IMG_2311

Banana Hammock is really depressed…(sorry the pic is blurry, he wouldn’t stop swimming)IMG_2314

I have a conference in the city today. Wish me luck :)


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    Awwww I’m sorry to hear about your fish. We have a little cemetery in our backyard where we buried our dog about 10 years ago. It’s near a plum tree and rose bush and since then we have had to add a hamster and then about a week ago my sisters frog died (I think… I haven’t talked to her about it since she thought it was dying but my dad said it looked like the ground had been dug up over there so we’re thinking it did die.) I don’t want to bring it up to her and ask though because she was crying last time I talked to her about her frog :(

    Hopefully banana hammock will start feeling better soon :(

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    Does the tank have a heater? Maybe the dropping temperatures are keeping the water too cold. Be careful with heating the water too much, though!

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