Gear: Neck Gaiter

I tried a new piece of running gear from Target this morning - A Neck Gaiter. It is $14.99. I don't think the weather was cold enough for me to really appreciate it so I'm going to give an update when it gets a little colder. Even though it was sprinkling on me this morning it wasn't that cold and I could have went without it. But, I know some day soon I will be thanking my … [Read more...]

Cottage Cheese Stuffed Shells


Ever since I bought a HUGE tub of cottage cheese from Costco I have been looking for a recipe to use a lot of 'em! I decided to make stuffed shells, but switch ricotta for cottage cheese. You could tell the difference, but they still turned out yummy! I don't like following recipes, so I basically mixed up cc, seasonings, egg and cheese for the inside. Then, topped it with … [Read more...]