Gear: Neck Gaiter

I tried a new piece of running gear from Target this morning – A Neck Gaiter. It is $14.99. I don’t think the weather was cold enough for me to really appreciate it so I’m going to give an update when it gets a little colder. Even though it was sprinkling on me this morning it wasn’t that cold and I could have went without it. But, I know some day soon I will be thanking my lucky stars for my neck gaiter!IMG_2348

Marathon Training: I did 7 miles this morning. I was supposed to do 8, but ran out of time and energy. This 7 was slower than last week’s 7 miler by 2Ā  minutes and some seconds.

I was hungry as soon as I walked in the door so I ate a small cup of cereal before getting in the shower. Then, it was real breakfast time. I made PB&J toast. I considered going without the jelly, but life is short and I wanted jelly :)IMG_2350

Light OJ on the side for some Vitamin C.


I have a lot of work ahead of me today! I will see ya later :)


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    Good idea to wear a gaiter while running! I have a couple of gaiters that I have collected over the years for snowboarding but I have never thought to use one running. I will try that when it starts to get really cold.

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    I just got one of those bands that goes around your head and keeps your ears warmed. It changed my life. I never realized how much the quality of my running life improved just rockin’ on of those bad boys. I can only imagine that the same is true for the neck gaiter.

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