Lovely Lunch Date


I had a lovely lunch date today with Ben. He was attending a conference down the street from my work and met me for lunch at a local Thai restaurant. I love this place because of all the parasols that hang from the ceiling. I post a pic of it every time I come here :) This is me wearing the scarf my Grams made me :) I got a lunch special that comes with an egg roll and … [Read more...]



This rainy weather made me very happy to stay inside this morning. It is a rest day so I did some 30 Day Shred with Jillian and called it a workout :) I was super rushed this morning because I overslept but I did have time to make a beautiful breakfast inspired by my old escamocha shop in CA.  I made this beautiful breakfast of cereal, cottage cheese and fruit salad. Trust me … [Read more...]

My little heart


I'm sorry for the missing lunch time post, my little heart (the only part of me that is little) just wasn't into it today. I think I have Seasonal Affective Disorder aka "S.A.D." It was rainy and gloomy here today :( And it's hard to get a hold of friends to talk to when they're all on West coast time. Boo friends, boo. My day in a nutshell: I had some good eats, some … [Read more...]