This rainy weather made me very happy to stay inside this morning. It is a rest day so I did some 30 Day Shred with Jillian and called it a workout icon smile Escamocha

I was super rushed this morning because I overslept but I did have time to make a beautiful breakfast inspired by my old escamocha shop in CA.  I made this beautiful breakfast of cereal, cottage cheese and fruit salad. IMG 2364 300x225 EscamochaTrust me there is lots of cottage cheese and cereal underneath that pile of fruit!IMG 2361 300x225 Escamocha

There are many Bionicos or Aguas Frutas shops where I come from. In addition to smoothies and fruit drinks they have Escamochas – fruit mixed up with condensed milk, granola and dried fruit. Life changing. Here is a recipe for escamocha.

Here is a pic of one from a restaurant in Sinaloa. This is just what I remember them looking like icon smile Escamocha Ahhh, memories of food are the best…escamocha 300x210 Escamocha

See ya later, gators icon smile Escamocha


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    I love the mixed fruit. I have never mixed citrus fruit with a basic fruit. Not that i am against it. I realized that I just never have. I might have to get on that!

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