Lovely Lunch Date

I had a lovely lunch date today with Ben. He was attending a conference down the street from my work and met me for lunch at a local Thai restaurant. IMG_2365

I love this place because of all the parasols that hang from the ceiling. I post a pic of it every time I come here :)IMG_2367

This is me wearing the scarf my Grams made me :) IMG_2373

I got a lunch special that comes with an egg roll and soup. Why do they call it an egg roll anyways? Where is the egg? IMG_2369IMG_2368

My main course was tofu with vegetables. It’s fried and a little too soggy for my taste, but I ate it all – I have never met a Thai dish I didn’t like. They don’t have brown rice, even though I ask every time (some people don’t know how to take a hint). IMG_2372

But, that whole “hungry an hour later after eating Chinese food” thing happened to me! I was seriously hungry an hour later after this meal – and I know it wasn’t for lack of calories!

But, Tina was tweeting about eating a second lunch so I didn’t feel alone in my hunger and broke open a yogurt. IMG_2374It is seriously rainy and stormy outside! I am planning to cuddle up with some hot chocolate and cookies while watching TV tonight :)


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    Romance in the middle of the day. So sweet!! The restaurant looks fun. You should drop off a big sack of brown rice in the middle of the night with a note saying, “USE THIS PLEASE.”

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    That lunch looks so yummy! I totally want hot chocolate now! Thinking about getting some ice cream instead though… lol. I don’t usually have that hunger after chinese food problem. maybe it’s because I stuff my face with the chinese food? lol.

    Be glad you don’t live here. Then you probably wouldn’t have even made it to that restaurant because of the weather. It’s a giant lake here pretty much! (maybe not that bad… but my driveway has at least a inch of rain water covering it.)

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