Lovely Lunch Date

I had a lovely lunch date today with Ben. He was attending a conference down the street from my work and met me for lunch at a local Thai restaurant. IMG 2365 300x225 Lovely Lunch Date

I love this place because of all the parasols that hang from the ceiling. I post a pic of it every time I come here icon smile Lovely Lunch DateIMG 2367 300x225 Lovely Lunch Date

This is me wearing the scarf my Grams made me icon smile Lovely Lunch Date IMG 2373 300x225 Lovely Lunch Date

I got a lunch special that comes with an egg roll and soup. Why do they call it an egg roll anyways? Where is the egg? IMG 2369 300x225 Lovely Lunch DateIMG 2368 300x225 Lovely Lunch Date

My main course was tofu with vegetables. It’s fried and a little too soggy for my taste, but I ate it all – I have never met a Thai dish I didn’t like. They don’t have brown rice, even though I ask every time (some people don’t know how to take a hint). IMG 2372 300x225 Lovely Lunch Date

But, that whole “hungry an hour later after eating Chinese food” thing happened to me! I was seriously hungry an hour later after this meal – and I know it wasn’t for lack of calories!

But, Tina was tweeting about eating a second lunch so I didn’t feel alone in my hunger and broke open a yogurt. IMG 2374 300x225 Lovely Lunch DateIt is seriously rainy and stormy outside! I am planning to cuddle up with some hot chocolate and cookies while watching TV tonight icon smile Lovely Lunch Date


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    Romance in the middle of the day. So sweet!! The restaurant looks fun. You should drop off a big sack of brown rice in the middle of the night with a note saying, “USE THIS PLEASE.”

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    That lunch looks so yummy! I totally want hot chocolate now! Thinking about getting some ice cream instead though… lol. I don’t usually have that hunger after chinese food problem. maybe it’s because I stuff my face with the chinese food? lol.

    Be glad you don’t live here. Then you probably wouldn’t have even made it to that restaurant because of the weather. It’s a giant lake here pretty much! (maybe not that bad… but my driveway has at least a inch of rain water covering it.)

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