My little heart

I’m sorry for the missing lunch time post, my little heart (the only part of me that is little) just wasn’t into it today. I think I have Seasonal Affective Disorder aka “S.A.D.”

It was rainy and gloomy here today :( And it’s hard to get a hold of friends to talk to when they’re all on West coast time. Boo friends, boo.

My day in a nutshell: I had some good eats, some snacking while putting together dinner and tons of brussel sprouts! No, really a ton – like half a Costco bag. I am going to turn into a brussel sprout! But I will be a happy little brussel :)IMG_2358

Oh, I bought this new (to me) Kashi cereal today – Warm Cinnamon Heart to Heart. I am a sucker for any Kashi product and I love cereal, so I knew it was a sure bet! Love it love it.

Dear Kashi,

How do you know the way to my cereal loving, yet health conscious, heart so well?

Marry me.

Love, MonicaIMG_2354

Now I am chomping on gum and trying to relax :)

and maybe eat some grapes. And by maybe I mean most definitely.

To end the post on a positive note, here is a happy memory of me at 3 years old. Taking pics outside of McDonald’s, This is why you’re fat


Okay that wasn’t a positive note. Let’s try again. Here is me working the “bath with your sibling” pose, glamorous I know…



  1. says

    lol work that pose girl. You totally looked like Pippi Longstocking when you were little! Not the cartoon, but the awesome live action movie.

    I’m sorry you’re feeling SAD. :( Hopefully the day will be better for you tomorrow.

  2. says

    OK, is everyone eating brussel sprouts but me? Or at least that’s what it feels like. I’ve got to get my husband to change his mind about them. So “SAD” your day wasn’t the greatest – hope tomorrow is better for you!

  3. Rosie says

    Haha, omg you look exactly the same as you did when you were a kid!!
    I’ve never commented on your blog before (I’m just a lowly ol’ blog-reader) but I just wanted to say you are awesome :) Every day I read your blog it makes me wish I knew you in real life.
    Feel you on the SAD, too. Sucksass.

  4. says

    Adorable pictures!

    I love the Kashi Warm Cinnamon Heart to Heart. It reminds me of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Unfortunately I’m taking a cereal hiatus because whenever I have it in the house I feel the need to eat the entire box in a day…

  5. says

    I lived in NH for 2 years that turned out to be the snowiest and coldest. I have never been so effected by the weather! It was so dark (after all, the snow off the roof and the snow from the ground almost met up, leaving a tiny window of light coming in!), so gray, so COLD! I am happy to be back in Boston, where it snows, but then it melts. There isn’t snow on the ground from November to April straight through!

  6. says

    Love your site! Those little kid pics are adorable/hilarious.
    The bad weather makes me feel the same way. I heard somewhere that spinach is supposed to be a good mood-boosting veggie, so I’ve been downing spinach salads like whoa. :)

  7. says

    Is it wrong that I think your bathtub pic self has sexy eyes?
    /Chris Hansen is going to tell me to sit down at the kitchen island in a second.

  8. says

    I looked for kashi cereal today at farm fresh and didn’t see any :( I always see the h2h cereal on everyone’s blog and I’ve been really wanting to try it! I guess I’ll have to look at a different store.

    I love how parents always take pictures of their kids in the bathtub! It’s kind of weird but it’s probably something I’ll do when I have kids! :)

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