Running Lesson #1 : Hydrate!


I know better than this. I am better than this, but today I was totally dehydrated on my run. At first I felt like I was hungry, then I realized I was THIRSTY. Super thirsty. Like, I want to high jack someone's garden hose thirsty. I ended up cutting my run short and doing 9 miles with walk breaks. I was supposed to do 10 today and 10 tomorrow. I have to break up my long run … [Read more...]

Soup, salad and bread thins


Soup, salad and bread thins - this title is inspired by Olive Garden's "soup, salad and bread sticks" deal - but better. It's better because I made my fave tomato and red pepper soup! I almost burned the house down! I spilled my sandwich thin upside down in the oven and all the cheese spilled off, spilled onto the bottom and filled our place with smoke. Since it's cold out … [Read more...]