Back on Track


After a week while of indulging I am very frustrated with myself. I am constantly eating things I shouldn't be -- not because they are "Forbidden Foods" (I have released all foods to be allowed) but because I am eating because I'm tired, lonely, bored or out of habit. I really want to get back on track with the Intuitive Eating. So, like Caitlin's Back on Track, I wrote out … [Read more...]

Portable Restroom


Sunday morning we woke up and took a walk around Emily & Mark's neighborhood in Portland, CT. It was so nice to get out and walk around after being in the car for so long yesterday. Before we went on the walk I ate Kashi with a banana and milk. I always bring cereal with me on road trips - it's great for snacking or breakfast! Ben seriously has baby fever, while … [Read more...]

Monica Does Connecticut


Have you noticed how I love writing suggestive titles? ‘Cause I do… My Saturday started with a 9 mile run. I changed my long run this week so we could get a early start to CT. So, I ended up doing 9 miles yesterday and 9 miles today. It is completely NOT the same as an 18 miler. But, next week I will get back to a long run. I have to admit it was nice to have a week off … [Read more...]