Everything in Moderation – Including Moderation

Thanksgiving 08

The big buzz around town right now is - "What's your plan for Thanksgiving?". Many are talking about their plan to "stay on track" and avoid over-doing it on Turkey Day. But, not me. Nope. When R.E.R. does Thanksgiving she does it right. I truly believe in finding a way to enjoy all the foods you love in moderation. I have toyed with cutting out sugar from my diet (or at … [Read more...]

Review: Food and Loathing


I read "Food and Loathing" a few years back, but decided to take it on the road trip this weekend to read it again. The last time I read it I was in therapy for disordered eating (B.E.D. mostly) and I was in a very bad place with it. I don't know if it affected me as much the first time I read it, but I am still going over so many of the author's accounts in my head. The … [Read more...]

Full Time Blogger


I have an announcement to make - I am now I full time blogger! (I am obviously trying to look on the bright side of things.)  I am definitely bummed about my job (or lack thereof), but I am moving forward and not going to dwell on it. In addition to blogging I will be writing for some other sites and doing freelance work. Oh, and looking for another full time job! I already … [Read more...]