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I have an announcement to make – I am now I full time blogger! (I am obviously trying to look on the bright side of things.)  I am definitely bummed about my job (or lack thereof), but I am moving forward and not going to dwell on it. In addition to blogging I will be writing for some other sites and doing freelance work. Oh, and looking for another full time job! I already wrote out a schedule for myself so I don’t waste any time being productive.

I really really appreciate all your kind comments. You are helping me stay positive :) Thank you.

When I got home I talked it out with a friend over a walk. Then, I got back home and chewed a pack of gum. I’m currently on my second pack. At least it’s not cigarettes.IMG_2474

My afternoon snack was yogurt, a whole mango, pineapple and cereal. I added a scoop of cottage cheese after the pic. I think I am starting to like cottage cheese more than yogurt. That’s good because I bought another Costco tub of it!IMG_2469

I considered slacking off for dinner and ordering a pizza to drown my sorrows, but I didn’t. I made eggplant and chickpea pasta. I cooked up a whole eggplant with a can of tomato sauce and a can of tomatoes (with the juice) plus garlic and spices. Then, added tempeh and chickpeas – served on top of whole wheat pasta. I love tomato based sauces!IMG_2471

Now I am enjoying a pineapple juice and Malibu Rum adult beverage – I deserve a drink tonight, don’t you think?IMG_2473Thanks again for the support :) Hope you’re having a better day than me!


  1. says

    You totally deserve a drink. (I’m possiblymaybe on twitter by the way, if you are wondering who I am)

    I write a schedule for myself every day now too. it really does help. I’m the kind of person who goes nuts if I’m not constantly busy so I need the schedule!

  2. s says

    best wishes in the job search. actually i think the dc area is one of the better places to be looking for a job right now.

  3. says

    Yay for being a full time blogger! Looking on the positive side of things always makes things so much better!
    Yes to deserving a drink! (Drink an extra one for my underage self?) Make sure not to get sick though. That’s never fun :(

  4. says

    I was bummed when I saw your tweet this morning! I am happy to hear that you have a upbeat attitude! Keep your chin up and I’ll keep the photos of your old stomping grounds coming your way!

  5. Kate G. says

    You are so positive! It’s really nice to hear :) Best wishes on the job search I am sure with an attitude like that it should be no problem.

  6. says

    Yes, you totally deserved that drink. Sorry to hear about your job.
    But, I strongly believe that for every door that closes, a new one will open… so, good luck with the job hunt, I’m sure you’ll rock something very soon!

  7. says

    I missed the big announcement yesterday. I’m sorry. But it sounds as if it may have been necessary to find a new job anyway. That’s awful that you paychecks were so late! Good luck….you’ll be just fine because you have such a great attitude!

  8. says

    Way to look on the bright side! I think if anyone could make a comfortable living by themselves as just a blogger, I’d tie them up, throw them in their closet and resume their life as them

  9. Cathy says

    You’re awesome and inspiring! I hope you find lots of fun blogging opportunites and don’t have to go back to a boring 9-5. You’re too fun for that! Good luck!

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