Walk in the Dark

I took an afternoon walk today at 5pm. It was dark. That makes me sad icon sad Walk in the Dark

But, this new granola cereal makes me happy icon smile Walk in the Dark A little too happy actually. Note to self: Granola should not be eaten by the handful out of a box like it’s air or out of a cereal bowl like it’s Rice Krispies. It’s granola.IMG 2487 225x300 Walk in the Dark

My other afternoon snack was an apple and Amazing Grass. I am only on day 2 of drinking the grass, but I really feel good! IMG 2481 300x225 Walk in the Dark

Dinner was on the light side because I ate a ton of chickpeas while cooking for Ben. I had roasted brussels and soup.IMG 2484 300x225 Walk in the Dark

I also drank a POM spritzer. At first I wasn’t feeling the Pomegranate Kiwi flavor, but I am totally loving it now!IMG 2485 225x300 Walk in the Dark

Oh, and of course my light dinner meant room for dessert. Ben asked me if I was hungry when I went to grab the Vitatop (he is aware of my Back on Track challenge). My honest answer: “No, I’m not hungry, but I’ve been planning to have this Vitatop all day and made sure my dinner left room for it.” I am still sticking with the Back on Track, I am done eating for the evening.IMG 24861 300x225 Walk in the Dark

I really have to get away from the computer! I will check ya in the morning icon smile Walk in the Dark


  1. says

    Question about Amazing Grass…
    So I ordered a sample and so far I only tried the original flavor and sadly I thought it tasted well… like grass! I couldn’t even drink it. I haven’t gotten the nerve to try the other two flavors (chocolate and berry/pomegranate?)

    What flavor do you drink? Do you drink it just with water? Mix it with something else?

  2. says

    When you say you feel great from drinking the Amazing Grass, I’m just wondering which product you are talking about. I have an Amazing Grass product (I think it’s just wheatgrass, but I’m sick and too lazy to get off the couch to check, haha) and I can take it in shot form but I could NOT drink a whole glass of it like you do!

    So, what is the trick? Do you mix it with something to make it taste better? I found mixing it with OJ made it actually taste really good, but Gena from Choosing Raw told me that the sugar negates the good benefits from it…

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